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Turns Out the Hardware in Self-Driving Cars Is Pretty Cheap

"THE FULL BENEFITS of autonomous cars—a drastic drop in fatal crashes, more efficient driving, the chance to master Clash of Clans while commuting—are at least five years away. Automakers and tech companies must perfect software. Insurance companies have to recalculate premiums. Regulators are thinking up fresh rules."


We tested a Level 3 self-driving Mercedes, and it’s better than expected

The future of driving has its eyes set on keeping ours down looking at our phones.

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Tesla is "very close" to figuring out fully autonomous vehicles, according to Elon Musk

In a video message played at the World AI Conference in Shanghai, Elon Musk claims that Tesla is "very close" to reaching Level 5 autonomy.

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NVIDIA Becomes The Fifth Company to Submit Self-Driving Car Safety Report

NVIDIA, the world-leading manufacturer of graphics cards, released its Self-Driving Car safety report on Tuesday and became only the fifth company to do so.

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