This smartphone is extra-secure and stronger than steel

How do you stand out if you're a fledgling smartphone maker that can't compete on specs alone? If you're Turing Robotic Industries, you pour your energy into clever design -- both inside and out.

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Sahil3317d ago

Lokks like something arnold schwarzenegger would use in a movie.


Turing, TCL Partner on Smartphone With Digital Assistant; To be Called 'Appassionato'

Turing Robotic Industries, creator of the Turing Phone, has announced a partnership with TCL Communication LTD to produce the world's first mass-produced Liquidmorphium smartphone. The new Turing Phone Appassionato will be co-manufactured by TCL and will feature amplified Intelligence, with a dedicated enhanced-concierge service.


Meet the successor of Cadenza, Turing Monolith Chaconne will have 3xCPU, 18GB Ram and 1TB Storage

Just when we thought Turing Phone Cadenza has specs so insane that it is going to be hard to sink in, the company announced yet another phone to ridicule us. One thing is sure, we didn't even put a thought that we could have a smartphone with these specifications in the near future. The Turing Monolith Chaconne is projected to be released sometime in 2018 with unbelievable specifications which include, 3x Snapdragon 830 CPU, 18GB Ram, 60MP Camera and 1.2 TB storage.

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IanTH2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

Ok, they are trolling us at this point. I think they just want to keep releasing more insane specs until we finally go...oookay, now you're really full of it.

Next release in 2019: A full suite of 4 Xeon based CPUs, watercooled with a QuantomVoid PicoPumps using liquefied dry ice, 128 GB of RAM, 2TB NVMe in RAID 0, a Titan XPC and powered by 4 different power sources, including a self contained micro-reactor.

digitfreakbot2820d ago

I will be honest, this is what strike my mind when I first read their newsletter.

I aint going to believe any shit until I see the final product. Till then ita just a hoax. 😥


New Turing phone will have dual CPU, 12GB Ram, 60MP Camera, 1TB storage

"The Internet is full of lies, even so, to believe when we get deceived by pretentious fanboys who don't hesitate to confidently pull out some unbelievable facts or information for us to digest. If it wasn't the official statement from the Turing Robotic Industries (TRI), we could never have believed that someone is actually working on the specifications this insane."

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b163o12826d ago

(O.O) If they're able to pull this off, it'll make all the new phones just released and coming out look like sheight!

zb1ftw7772826d ago

Heres the thing.

Tell me one thing this phone can do that my LG G3 cant.

And then ill tell you why specs in phones are almost useless now.

2826d ago
Speed-Racer2826d ago

@bruce - in my opinion, megapixels is overrated unless the camera has a really good sensor, which I doubt it does.

1) A Nikon D810 taking photos at 36.3MP will be much sharper than a phone with a 60MP camera.

2) Unless I am printing photos, why would the average person need so many megapixels? There are a few uses for such high res images, but I'm sure most of them won't be possible with somewhat blurry photos at full scale.

3) The file size of the photos alone will quickly eat into storage if you're a picture happy person.

Dasteru2826d ago (Edited 2824d ago )


According to the spec sheet, it will not be a single 60MP sensor. It will be a quad array of 15MP sensors designed to function as one. The front camera setup is 2x10MP sensors. Basically using Pixel shift with multiple sensors.

As far as file size goes, SDXC slots technically have a storage limit of 2TB. This phone is only limited to 256GB per card due to software limitations within the current version of the Swordfish OS. It is possible they could update it, at which point the phone would support up to 4.5TB of total storage.


It is unlikely this will be a thin phone. It is being designed as a bleeding edge test of technology, not an ultra thin glam show like most modern phones. It will be thick and it will be heavy. Personally i like the idea.


Possibly as an option. It seems their primary focus is on resolution though, rather than contrast, DoF, etc. It will likely be using a form of pixel shift with 4 low FoV lenses. Each sensor takes 1/4 of the overall image and then it gets stitched together in software to form a single high res image.

Speed-Racer2826d ago

Interesting. I'm guessing each camera can focus on different aspects? Like the subject, depth of field, etc.?

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FlyingFoxy2826d ago

60 mega pixels, for anyone who knows about tech pixels don't mean everything and a dedicated camera will always be better than a phone that's a jack of all trades.. you just can't fit top quality components into a phone that is already rammed with other components, just like a PC is always much more powerful than a tablet for instance.

FlyingFoxy2825d ago

@Dasteru: That may be, it may well be decent, but I'm just saying a dedicated device (for one particular job) is always better than a device that can do everything. People on forums will always recommend a camcorder over a phone camera for video recording for instance, because it will produce a better image.

kevnb2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

battery life?

digitfreakbot2826d ago

"The company wants to power this with a 2400 Graphene power cell battery mated with a 1600 mAh li-on battery and a Hydrogen Fuel Cell"
I don't see how it will solve the power consumption issues with all those dual setups.

Dasteru2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )


"not only can they be charged at a much higher rate than current lithium-ion batteries, but they also have the potential to last for a vastly greater length of time."

I cannot find as much information on the Hydrogen fuel cells but from what i could find, it seems to function through a mixture of an on-board source of hydrogen, and oxygen from the air entering the device. It would also appear to be much more efficient than a typical Li-on battery pack. Most likely the device would require a small replaceable hydrogen storage cell (probably around the size of a AAA battery, maybe smaller) and would last thousands of hours between replacements. It would be a small current supply though, so would most likely only be used for idle operation. Heavier work loads would use the graphene cell, and the Li-on pack would be a backup of sorts. They could possibly even make the graphene cell removeable so it could be charged externally while the phone continues to operate off the Li-on pack. Effectively giving unlimited usage.

Probably looking at an idle time of several months, maybe 2 weeks for calls, and a couple days or so of heavy load. It will be a vast improvement over current times regardless. It also is not going to be a cheap phone. I would expect upwards of $1500 USD.

annoyedgamer2826d ago

Its powered by a nuclear reacter so it should last about 3 years on a single charge.

Speed-Racer2826d ago

Finally you guys got rid off that ad block gateway.

digitfreakbot2826d ago

Yes. Figured out we should focus on content. :)

sonicwrecks2823d ago

Great stuff. We look forward to seeing more!

Bobafret2825d ago

If it had a decent graphics chipset it might even make for a good console.

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