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Is Apple losing its touch?

TechDaring: "Will Apple hit back with jaw dropping features and excitement with their next big smartphone offering? Let’s hope so."

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Aldous_Snow2368d ago

They could etch an apple on a brick and people would still buy it

mcstorm2367d ago

Apple are starting to find them self between and rock and a hard place. On one had the devices have not really changes since the iPod touch in terms of its an app launcher and everything still more or less looks and acts the same as it did so people are starting to get bored of this and looking at other devices.

The flip side is if they make massive changes to the os the main people who use the phone (the none tech users) will not like it as it will be too different and as we have found out with other devices they dint like change.

For me I'm not an apple fan never have been just because of how everything has been closed but I can see why people like apple products.

colonel1792367d ago

I think they are still very popular, since everyone and their mother will buy their products. However, if you look closely, they haven't done anything great since a long time ago.

OS X has had improvements, but since Snow Leopard, the OS is just the same. They haven't innovated since then.

MacBooks are the same since they introduced the unibody aluminum. They haven't really changed. Improved, yes, but not changed.

iOS is the same since iOS 4. With this, I don't even think they could do another OS that is completely different. Actually the same with OS X. I don't think that Apple even dares to do a complete redesign of the UI, and I don't mean looks, but UI, functionality and all.

Apple is standing in a very safe place, since their products sell very well. I would love them to make a huge risk again. Whether is a completely new computer designs, or a completely new OS, etc.

2367d ago
thecowsaysmoo2366d ago

I remember people saying iWatch will fail. Yet it sold over a million and they already ran out of iWatch to sell.

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The story is too old to be commented.