Acer Unveils Curvaceous 34-inch QHD Monitor with Nvidia G-Sync

Maximum PC: Curved monitors aren't new. Monitor's supporting Nvidia's G-Sync technology aren't new, either. But what is new and so far exclusive to Acer is a curved monitor with G-Sync baked in, the XR341CKA. We have to deduct 250 geek points from Acer for not coming up with a better name than that, but otherwise, kudos to the company for venturing into new territory, and in a big way. Literally.

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ChrisW2369d ago

I'm not quite sold on WQHD curved monitors, they seems like an expensive gimmick to me. Which is why I just bought an LG 34um65 and am super happy with it, especially concerning the price!

However, curved or not, a 34" WQHD with G-Sync is plenty to get me foaming at the mouth!

Sahil2364d ago

even for a large format screen that's a bit of "no thanks, this goes on the 'when I win the lottery' list."

I suppose if more companies start marrying floating synch with curved glass it may come down.