Concepts emerge for a vertical city in the desert

Can architects and engineers deliver a vertical, sustainable city of distinctive beauty, looking as if the structure is carved from rock, in the Sahara desert? It could happen.

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Tzuno2370d ago

Babiloniaaa!!! dun dun dun, dun dun dun.

micx2370d ago

The concept sure does look great. It'll be nice if they manage to pull it off.

dota2champion2370d ago

I hope we(USA) make something like this in the grand canyons.

Sahil2364d ago

Why would you want to build vertically in a place where there is so much horizontal room??

Sahil2364d ago

They could solve energy and water needs by using made hydrogen generator. It provides cheap energy and every kg of water used to make hydrogen yields 8-9 kg of water (vapor) when burned. So it could even provide water to surrounding area of desert.