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In the War for PC Graphics, It’s Not Even a Close Matchup

With over ten years of market research conducted, the distribution of wealth in the PC Graphics Card department is not as even as it once was. As recorded data steps out into the open, we can now see how AMD and NVidia compare in the long-running war of graphics supremacy.

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Magnus7012369d ago

It's really sad to see ATI (now AMD) lose this much. They have always had great products and even out performed Nvidia from time to time.

The only thing that doesn't quite add up for me though is that there is no spike for when bitcoin mining took off. ATI cards destroyed Nvidia cards for hashing and I don't even see a slight incline in the graph for ATI/AMD around that time.

JoeIsMad2369d ago

I think you don't see that jump because this is highlighting discrete market share, not dedicated. This has more to do with who manfacturers trust right now, as opposed to who consumers trust.

Magnus7012369d ago

But don't the PS4 and XB1 not only run on AMD processors, but also graphics? I might have just thought that though. And the PS4 sold millions and millions of units.

JoeIsMad2369d ago

Yes, they do run on graphics and processors for both, but these figures discuss PC units, not specialty hardware. Specialty hardware is where AMD is pushing their business right now to reflect that.

ZoyosJD2369d ago

Discrete and dedicated are the same thing.

Not to mention the GPUs that were good for bitcoin mining and were literally being bought in racks are explicitly shown on the graph.

I find it hard to believe that the issue that allowed me to sell a used GPU for profit only resulted in a ~4% gain in market share.

NecotheSergal2369d ago

You should look up the actual charts that involve Intel vs Nvidia vs AMD and it paints a different picture.

Intel due to integrated graphics cards and those with PC's who don't buy individual GPU's.

For instance, if we look at it Per-quarter, we get different and varying results per year and per quarter.

Intel is the one with the most because there's more PC owners than there are PC owners than there are PC-Gaming owners.

Magnus7012368d ago

That is a completely different outlook on the graphics market. Seems that AMD might actually be making some good gains on their integrated APU graphics.

Jacktrauma2369d ago

I will always have a special place in my heart for AMD

Kurylo3d2369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )

you get what you pay for. Nvidia has always been the superior product for power consumption, power, and additional features.

Want your gpu to run like a cpu for graphics editing and all sorts of other thigns.. then NVIDIA.

Want physx support to up the look of the game.. nvidia...

Want better tesselation for things like dx11.. was always nvidia.

More expensive usually, but you get more and most people who play games on pc i think on some level want their game to look and act better.

Consoles use AMD just because its cheaper. They need to make them affordable.

AMDs business staradegy seems like its always been.. let nvidia innovate... we will get customers by charging less.

SilentNegotiator2368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

Are you guys hiring at Intel? I have references.

wannabe gamer2369d ago

Ive always been an nvidia+intel person myself. Ive tried amd gpu in the past a few tiems but they have never impressed me. sure they work but they run really hot which leads to either overheating or just insane fan noise when gaming. nvidia is just a nice powerfull quiet cool running card in comparison and thats been the case with each nvidia card ive ever owned.

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