What HBO's Battle Against Game of Thrones Pirates Means to the Internet

The battle for net neutrality is being fought in the trenches. Like Key and Peele before it, Game of Thrones has a media screener leak. Instead of blaming the leaker (the media), fans of the show are being targeted by HBO for downloading the torrent.

What does all this mean for the future of digital content?

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Tzuno2376d ago

Just to be clear, not everyone is willing to pay for every movie he sees that would be absurd, piracy is free publicity, many people want to try things before buying because the hype sometimes is for nothing, look at games, when someone likes a game he will buy it for multiplayer or because the game is too good not to buy, don't blame piracy for piracy blame prices, everyone is doing digital now cutting prices and they still sell at the same prices as before when they used to spend more money on a physical product release.

micx2375d ago

About the games, not really, you can get games cheap, you just don't need to pick them at their release.

And Steam has some ridiculously low prices, not to mention some other sites. For example, just now you can get 13 games for $5 via Humble Bundle.

Gilgamesh152376d ago

I think $20 per month is an absurd amount to pay for the limited amount of content any of the premium channels offer. Perhaps you could cut costs, starting with the stupidly high salaries of your top tier executives.

Speed-Racer2376d ago

The biggest issue I have with streams is accessibility. For instance, I can't watch Community because of where I live which means I need to torrent it. Whose fault is that?

deadpoolio3162375d ago

So that somehow means you should get it for free? Cause I mean last time I checked EVERYTHING comes out on Blu-ray and Dvd....So really there are zero valid excuses on why someone should be allowed to steal something, It may not be your fault that you cant watch or stream it, but its not NBCs fault either

Speed-Racer2375d ago

Hell yea especially given the fact that Community is free to view in the US. Why should I have to wait months for a dvd? Just the other day I bought Adobe Dreamweaver and got hit with the same region lock. I ended up buying a vpn so I could purchase it. I try my best to pay for content but when I get screwed over, what then? Kinda dumb that I'm throwing money at them and they're not putting things in place for international customers.

micx2375d ago

The unavailability of services based on geographical location is a big problem. I'd rather have them focused on solving that than seeking some pirates.

I'm sure if services such as Netflix would be more available world-wide, people just wouldn't bother with torrenting.

Stringerbell2371d ago

@Speed-Racr I agree. For year my family and I had to watch pirate streams of Ligue 1 matches because they did not air in the US. Before the internet my grandmother would actually have a relative tape the games and send it overseas so she could watch it a week later!

Of course now there are channels here that broadcast the games but I know exactly where you're coming from.

jagstar442376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

Not even sure how to get game of thrones in the uk without sky, just put in on netflix?