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Google officially launches its wireless service ‘Project Fi’

There goes the neighborhood, Google is officially in the wireless game. The company has unveiled Project Fi, a new wireless service that gives you access to Sprint and T-Mobile’s cellular and Wi-Fi network for $20 a month

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KnowTechie2370d ago

Hopefully it expands to more phones other than the Nexus 6

ITPython2369d ago

Still waiting for Google fiber in my area, as having a 1Gbps connection speed is just mind boggling... Hearing people say they downloaded 6+ GB patch files for games in just a minuet (or less) really makes me jealous. I mean damn, being able to download stuff at 125 Megabytes (bytes, not bits) per second, is insane. That's 7.5GB a minuet. DAMN!!!

Sahil2363d ago

I don't see the value here.

currently, i have an Iphone 4S on Tracfone for $6.75/month.

I laugh at what people pay for their phones every month!

neoragex2363d ago

Ting. As long as you don't have Teenage daughters and do have wifi in most places that you use it.