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Does the Samsung Galaxy S6 need an introduction? This is Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone. It’s a statement of intent from the world’s biggest smartphone brand. It’s Samsung’s most powerful phone ever, too. But, vitally, it actually looks and feels like a premium phone now. Samsung has gone upmarket.

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Sahil2038d ago

It's all very nice, but this technology would be more suitable on a 10.1 inch tablet. At least you'd see the benefits then.

Sahil2038d ago

Also, I hate the water resistance on the S5 and have removed the cover to the charging port as it was so annoying. If only I could get rid of the pop up telling me to make sure it was closed. ironically with wireless charging and no microSD it would now be easy. I personally love the Note 4 Edge so am looking forward to some playtime with the S6 edge.