Rumor: Xperia Z4 Going All Metal Plus Fingerprint Scanner

Sony Xperia Z4 appears to be one of the hotly anticipated smartphones for 2015; it’s really looking impressive if the leaked specs of the device are anything to go by.

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proudly_X2059d ago

Why should a smartphone have 4 GB of RAM? This is insane!

OmegaShen2057d ago

It's Sony, they are known for being insane.

badz1492057d ago

why not, right? if you can do it, why not go for it?

subtenko2057d ago

You're right, phones should have a max of 128 MB of RAM. Why do you need more? Psh even 128 MB is too much, I'd say 12MB is good enough....

..... Anwayway, Im tired of these Z4 articles and speculation just like I'm tired of Android Loliipop news (when half the phones still dont have it) It's like f it....when it releases we'll all hear about it. Not knocking it, moving on...

xTheMercenary_2057d ago

Surround yourself with "why not" not "why" if you continue to say why to everything you wont get anywhere in life. This is what Sony are doing they're going the why not route and trying something new if these rumors are true though.

jerocarson2057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )

The iPhone 6 is 1 GB RAM and still performs faster than any smartphone with 3 GB RAM. That's part of the reasons there is no sense in it. Google should fix their OS to be more flexible..

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mushroomwig2057d ago

'2560 x 1440' '4 GB of RAM' '20.7 MP camera'

Those specs are ridiculous, what's the battery life going to be? 20 minutes?

Dasteru2057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )

The battery life will be fine. Tech doesn't just become more powerful over time. It also becomes more efficient. According to rumors, the Z4 will actually last longer on a charge than the Z3 due to a much more efficient chip set and a better optimized OS.

Several other new phones also have similar specs. The HTC One M9 for example also has a 2560x1440 screen, 20.7mp front camera, 3GB Ram and the same Snapdragon 810 core. It is offically rated by HTC as having 21.7 hours of talk time and 402 hours standby on 3G. That is with a 2840mAh battery. The Z4s battery hasn't been listed anywhere yet but the Z3 had a 3100mAh and there is a good chance the Z4 will also.

Edit: Not sure where this article got the idea that is was going to be using the Snap 820. All the current spec lists have it as using the 810. It is also far to late in development to change to the 820. Unless the release has been pushed back to 2016.

Gondee2057d ago

Not sure how I feel about google having my fingerprint

kingmushroom2057d ago

meh the NSA already has every ones, at this point in time what the hell are we gonna do.

Gondee2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

Well they arnt a company built on selling your information for ad revenue. The NSA I can't do anything about, but I'm skeptical of Google and their monetization process.

I would only buy this if it were a hardware based implementation similar to TouchID

ZoyosJD2056d ago

Is the fingerprint a requirement on these phones? I thought they were just optional protection.

pwnsause_returns2057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )

you know whats insane about sony? the lack of advertisement of their phones....hence why T-mobile pulled them off their shelves....

I have a z3, and its such an amazing phone..But no one knows that..... So they better advertise the hell out of the Z4...if it doesnt sell, then whats the point of having a mobile division....

subtenko2057d ago

Sony doesn't GoS, they are an empire, even tho Samsung or LG may have (idk) taken over in most popular electronics company, Sony still is Sony and thats what makes them cool. They are a key player, they are pioneers and also push platforms/standards.

pwnsause_returns2057d ago

even so, their mobile division is tanking... the fact that they probably released the best phone of last year even though they didn't advertised, is just terrible, one of many reasons why their phones don't sell... This is a very competitive market, and if they at least dont let people know their phones exists, then whats the point of making them....

hkgamer2057d ago

they have tried with the xperiaZ phones to advertise more. but it has been struggling even in the countries that bought sony mobiles.

i personally buy sony phones because they look better than the others and the z lineup being waterproof has been a brilliant feature where i will no longer buy a phone that isnt.

however, i have found that samsung and lg seem to have better layouts and seem a little more user friendly in terms of important functions. i dont use custom firmware so dont tell me to use whichever to improve my phone.

its getting to the stage where sony really has to decide on what they need to do with the mobile division. the main phones are selling ok but their budget phones dont sell any at all.

pwnsause_returns2057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )

In the U.S. At least, not once have I seen an Xperia commercial, the last time I've seen an Xperia commercial here was like 3 or 4 years ago for the Xperia play...

If you own an Xperia, you know the quality of those phones. I have not been let down by the z3. It's the best phone I've had since the old school Ericson w810i.

I just hate the fact that I have not seen one advertisement for the's pathetic...

hkgamer2057d ago

the us market is probably different, sony has been struggling over there. dont think they are as big as they was when smartphones were released. ive constantly bought sony phones since the first cybershot so i for some odd reason am a big sony fanboy.

i do want sonys phone to be succesful because i want to carry on buying their phones, but im not really sure what else they can do to attract more customers. maybe they need to win the next nexus contract and that could possibly help them raise awareness.

other than that, i guess they only have james bond and spiderman to advertise their phones >.<

subtenko2057d ago

I will say this though, if they go all metal, they better still have waterproof and at least expandable memory slot. Otherwise if no memory slot to overcharge me for memory when I could get a cheaper solution for a 64gb sd card

You know how companys like Apple do... 16gb iphone $500, 32gb $600. WTF! The 64GB Sd cards run for $32 not an extra Benjamin! You're already making money off the overpriced phone!