uTorrent drops Epic Scale Bitcoin miner with the release of version 3.4.3

"uTorrent managed to disappoint quite a few people last month when parent company BitTorrent decided to bundle a Bitcoin miner called Epic Scale with the popular software."

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charlottebanks2049d ago

It was expected, if not late.

zeal0us2048d ago

late given how some people already move to a different torrent program.

I've been using Tixati

Dasteru2049d ago

Just use Deluge. It is much better.

Stringerbell2048d ago

I agree. Bundling malware with your program is a cardinal sin imo - I wouldn't trust Utorrent ever again.

pompombrum2048d ago

How is it even legal to bundle malware with their software? Regardless, I'm still using an old build and won't ever update, judging by the absurd decisions they have been making, probably for the best.

deadpoolio3162048d ago

Do you really need to ask when Pirating is illegal to begin with....

Dasteru2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

Utor is a P2P client used for providing files from multiple sources at once so you are not limited by server bandwidth. Just because people use it for piracy also, does not make it a pirate program. It is perfectly legal and is even used by alot of software developers themselfs to provide freeware.