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Lenovo Y50: Portability and Performance in Perfect Harmony - ThoseGamers

When it comes to PC Gaming it tends to be the Desktop PC’s that steal the limelight from dedicated gaming Laptops. Given that Desktop PC’s have more room inside to put in the best components available it’s no wonder that they often blow their Laptop counterparts away in terms of performance. Whilst no-one can argue that a high-end custom built Desktop will win out over a gaming Laptop, the Lenovo Y50 packs a powerful punch that finds a harmonious balance between portability and performance, rivalling many desktop counterparts and challenging the status quo of what is possible from Gaming Laptops.

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Stringerbell2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

I couldn't recommend the 860 / 960 m to anyone. Ignore the fact that the Y50 just a few months ago had one of the worst screens in the history of laptops (they fixed that) but the GPU straight out kills it. Its running modern games at 25-30 fps where does that leave you in two years time? Low to mid settings at best? And an 8gb SSD? Thanks for that I guess...

To me it just makes sense to save up a bit / wait for a 970m model to hit that sweet spot. Clevo based laptops aren't that expensive I've seen them go for 1200 or so.

purebennyc2054d ago

It's runs Shadow of Mordor at 60fps at 1080p and battlefield hardline runs very smooth too. Not sure where the 8GB SSD comes in, the SSD version down here in NZ is 512GB

Stringerbell2054d ago

I guess I was being a bit of a graphics snob- I'm aware that the 960 could hit 60 fps at medium settings maybe even high with some tinkering. As for the 8gb SSD that is whats included on the base models in North America.

purebennyc2054d ago

I'll let ya off this time then you snob ;) To be fair though the 860/960m is going to compete with the likes of the 980, being a chip made for a laptop means that there just isn't the room on board for cooling, etc.

I've put up a couple of youtube videos if you are interested in seeing how Shadow of Mordor and Battlefield hold up on the Y50

Weird that an 8GB card is built in in your neck of the woods. Down here it's either 1TB HDD or 512SSD.

imXify2053d ago

I think the 960m fits this laptop better. A 970m will make it heat too much because the laptop is too slim for it.