ThePCEnthusiast - KLEVV Urbane DDR3 Memory Review "Today we are going to look at another DDR3 memory from the new comer Essencore – the Klevv Genuine DDR3 memory. Previously, we reviewed the Klevv Genuine which is their flagship DDR3 memory. If you haven’t seen or read my previous review, be sure to read that as well. Just a little intro regarding the company; Essencore is basically a new company or challenger in the memory and storage industry. They recently launched their brand “KLEVV” together with their DDR3 and DDR4 memory early this year. Now, the Klevv Urbane DDR3 Unbuffered DIMM memory, according to the company, is “Born to be Sophisticated” and is “Fast by Nature”. Well, aesthetically speaking, it does look elegant and sophisticated. The Urbane is not about jagged edge and serrated aluminium fins, like most DDR3 memory we see in the market today. The Klevv Urbane is all about sleek lines and smooth curves, and in my opinion it offers a certain uniqueness that I find very pleasing. The specific unit sample I got is the Klevv Urbane DDR3 8GB (2x4GB) Memory Kit at 2400MHz CL11-13-13-31 @ 1.65V (KM3U4GX2Y-2400) IMT451U6MFR8Y-AB1. Now that’s very specific!"

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