Many, many Facebook users still don’t know that their news feeds are filtered by an algorithm

For heavy Facebook users, let alone social media gurus, the idea that Facebook’s news feed is filtered by an algorithm is very, very old news. But a majority of everyday Facebook users in a recent study had no idea that Facebook constructs their experience, pushing certain posts into their stream and leaving others out. And worse, many participants blamed themselves, not Facebook’s software, when friends or family disappeared from their news feeds.

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Speed-Racer2071d ago

I think many users don't care either. If we had an unfiltered feed, our minds would figuratively explode from information overload.

KingPin2071d ago (Edited 2071d ago )

an algorithm is a formula which covers all scenarios by taking in variables to produce an outcome.

jairusmonillas2070d ago

Not really. This filtered by an algorithm only works with Top Stories.

If you set your news feed setting to Most Recent, nothing is filtered.