Reactions on the new Apple MacBook (2015)

"After watching the announcement, the guys here at Lumilounge (including I) shared our thoughts on the new Apple MacBook (with the SmartWatch soon to come) – here’s what we had to say on Apple’s new prodigy..."

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KingPin2074d ago

lemme guess underpowered and overpriced.

apple fans will say its to make the battery last longer you have to pay the price.

plmkoh2074d ago

Funny enough the Dell XPS 13 has a longer lasting battery yet has an i7 and a fan. Makes you wonder where are the battery savings going to when they are powering a gimped Core M CPU and no fan.

DJ2074d ago

I bought an XPS 13 the week this new Macbook was announced. And I had a Macbook for 5 years!

This things sucks. Do yourself a favor and get a Dell XPS 13 instead. Amazing battery life, way more powerful and it has the ports I need to get real work done.

Spiewie 2074d ago

O a new macbook another one that I will not waste my money on.

SilentNegotiator2073d ago

The reactions on Techspy are more than typical.

coolbeans2073d ago

Maybe it's because I don't jump on here as often but I didn't expect users to bring up a Dell laptop, of all things, as the better alternative.

SilentNegotiator2073d ago (Edited 2073d ago )

The XPS is just a laptop that's either branded as or at least discussed among the tech sites as a laptop to compete with macbook's features like the screen and whatever.

They're just mentioning it to be contrary to the new Mac. I'm not a Mac person, but you'd have to be joking to suggest Dell...anything.

coolbeans2073d ago

Oh I see. That puts the comparison game in a different light.

"I'm not a Mac person, but you'd have to be joking to suggest Dell...anything."

Ha! That's what first crossed my mind when I saw some of the above comments.

hanaghansarah2072d ago

this is an amazing looking laptop