Man Forced to Sell His New House Because Comcast Lied to Him

A software engineer living in Washington state may have no choice but to sell the home he bought last December because, despite repeatedly checking with Comcast before he even considered buying the property, the company just can't (or won't) give him internet service.

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Stringerbell3344d ago

The best part is after being screwed over by Comcast- he will probably move into a neighbourhood where his only choice is Comcast. The monopoly wins again.

Dee_913342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

Google fiber is expanding, comcast wont be around for much longer.

"but just like his predecessors, this guy had not been given the memo"

That's just about everyone I know and including myself experience dealing with Comcast.Sends guy A out, more than likely late or super early, wrong guy, needs guy B.One week later guy B comes out, wrong guy, needs guy A, but "guy A said I need guy B".Guy B leaves, week later guy c comes out, wrong guy, I need guy D.One week later Guy A comes back out, no you need guy b, guy A leaves.Curses out Comcast, get free internet for a month, plus refund for month without internet, finally a week later guy D installs...
Watched netflix daily, no cable, 200gb a month limit exceeded, $50 charge on bil
The End.

I'm with uverse now

Stringerbell3342d ago

Yeah it seems every month at least one Comcast 'customer service' mishap goes viral online. And yes I'm patiently waiting for Google fiber to come to my area but they're moving at a snails pace =/

KingPin3343d ago

this guy needs to call osama bin ladens internet service provider. if he could upload beheading videos to the internet from a cave in afghanistan, im sure itll be no hassle at all in the suburbs.

RetrospectRealm3343d ago

Bin laden would put videos on a flash drive then have someone take it to somewhere with internet service and upload it.

wannabe gamer3343d ago

You should read the article and see that he can get sat or cell broadband but the cost of such services for the sole source of internet is not practical.

kingmushroom3343d ago

If he's gonna move, he should do some research and get a place that has Verizon coverage. I have Verizons 25/25 mbs and it's real good, its part of the triple bundle with fios and phone, and on top of that i got a $300 Pre-payed card from them. All for $117 monthly and i have 3 cable boxes.

Also i never had any problem Verizon service or Lag issues online.

Tsuru3343d ago

Thing is, he did research in the first place before he even moved there. Getting claims from multiple sites saying it has service, and even getting answers from them over the phone saying they had previous customers at his current address who had service, BEFORE he moved there. Thats the problem he began with.

Pl4sm43342d ago

thats what i really do not get. if the previous owner had Comcast, the cable/box should still be there. unless comcast is lying (which is most likely true) or the previous owner took all the cabling of the house related to tv/copper cabling and took out all the cabling coming from the house to the internet node out somewhere else ... lol

kingmushroom3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

I know he did research but since he says he might be forced to sell the house, then he should check the area that has the best internet speed by zip code.

But comcast was being stupid according this article with its poor service.

RetrospectRealm3343d ago

Verizon absolutely SUCKS where I live. 90 kb/s download/upload speed. I can't even watch Netflix.

Gonna switch to Uverse because my sister has it and it's glorious.

kingPoS3342d ago

I can attest to that, Uverse is decent enough for 1080p, just not multiple streams at 1080p.

ADSL2+ isn't all that bad, it's loads better than the 3mb I was getting last year.

kingmushroom3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

yeah bro i understand, that sucks cus i get good Verizon internet speed. it seams like internet depends allot on location. i was getting 3mbs in the city with AT&T Uverse then 25mbs when i moved to the desert area and switched to Verizon.
My download speed is 30mbs and upload is 25mbs.

wannabe gamer3343d ago

yea the guy should do his research and then assume he is being told the truth by companies.....oh wait he did that already and thats the entire point of this whole thing.

kingPoS3342d ago

This guy, he's within rights to file a suit, isn't he?

3342d ago
wannabe gamer3342d ago

they never gave him anything in writing as he wanted and they seemed to lose any record of everything as it happened. he kept a good timeline it says but who knows what that counts for when its just a retelling of things with no papertrail to back it up. maybe he has some recorded phone calls who knows.

clonerz3343d ago

Check it out on stopthecap.com even fcc map of coverage was false thanks to blowcast claims it covered area

ironfist923342d ago

Cant he take this problem to court?

Stringerbell3342d ago

Yeah a lawsuit would make sense. The guy did all he could to ensure he would receive service. Imagine the headache this whole ordeal caused.

ZoyosJD3342d ago

Those situations suck. I know, been there before, but my livelihood didn't depend on it.

I hope all the ISPs lies catch up with them.

Pl4sm43342d ago

hopefully all other isps die due to google fiber

coolbeans3339d ago

Given the information provided here, I don't see why he can't do that; then again, you can try to take anyone to for just about anything in US to begin with.


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EvilCackle526d ago (Edited 526d ago )

Good thing I signed up at launch so people know I'm the real evilcackle

CurrentDigital526d ago

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Still haven't been approved for Twitter Blue :/

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