5 Ridiculous Engineering Blunders Of Samsung Galaxy S6

The argument that Samsung striped off the port to make the smartphone slimmer is also a ridiculous joke. I don’t care about “premium unibody” excuses. HTC and Sony have done “premium unibody” plus microSD combo before. Samsung has shot itself at the back and has no excuse. It certainly has nowhere to hide.

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proudly_X2084d ago

Samsung lost it.. They have run out of ideas. I can see a Nokia happening to Samsung soon.

Only difference is that Nokia dominated for a decade, Samsung mobile dominance might no last a decade.

reddevilandy102084d ago

The protruding camera has never been an issues for me, as long as the image quality is brilliant. And it is on the S6.

proudly_X2084d ago

The fact that there is little improvement on the camera and it retaining the 16 MP sensor is a huge let down.

KingPin2083d ago

the problem with the protruding camera is that everytime you put your phone down on a table, you risk the camera lens getting scratched which then leads to unclear pictures.

im talking from experience. HTC One X had this.

Speed-Racer2083d ago

Oh boy, it's the BlackBerry kid bashing Samsung.

bahadur2083d ago

You're right, samsung has completely run out of ideas, their lame try at innovation with edge feature is NOT cool. Plus their transformation into unibody was unoriginal and NOT cool.

ArtificiallyYours2082d ago (Edited 2082d ago )

Their High End devices are the only overrated devices, but the Watch isn't fantastic either.

I find their cheaper handsets better (Xcover series Feature Phones), but only by 7/10 that are available. They released the cheapest in-America flip phone (15.00 USD!) in the GoPhone package. It isn't all hopeless.

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