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5 Reasons Why Africa Lag Behind In Tech Inventions & Entrepreneurship

If there is anything that differentiates 20th century and this present 21st century from the previous period in the existence of human race, then that thing is tech inventions and advancements. However, when we think about Africa, it`s obvious that Africa is a “consumer” and never (or rarely) an inventor of technology.

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proudly_X2080d ago

This got me rotf;

5. Witchcraft
Witchcraft? Yeah! You heard me correctly. Africans spiritualize technological inventions and money making.

:D Xd

SilentNegotiator2079d ago

Uhhh....because it's a very poor continent?

DivineHand1252079d ago

I'm sure that with time and better living conditions, they will start to better compete globally.

Stringerbell2078d ago

One can only hope. But it all starts at the beginning education. The first point the author brings up while comical is typical TIA (this is Africa). Time to break away from the old hocus pocus superstitions. And embrace technology strictly for what it is and not some metaphysical nonsense.

johny52078d ago

How can a continent so rich in resources, yet be so poor at everything else? Couldn't be the people who occupy it, could it?

DivineHand1252078d ago

For hundreds of years Africa has been exploited and colonized by global super powers. The land might be rich with resources but access to those riches has been stolen from the people through shady business deals or military force. It also doesn't help that when some of the nations finally gained independence, they were headed by corrupt individuals who only look out for themselves and not the people who they are supposed to be leading.

Stringerbell2078d ago

Brain Drain is one that is a glaring omission imho.