The FAA Says You Can't Post Drone Videos on YouTube

If you’re posting drone videos to YouTube, the FAA might be coming after you.

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KnowTechie2090d ago

I've made a few video that are uploaded to YouTube. I. am. screwed.

Gondee2090d ago

Guess ill be breaking the rules then

Dasteru2089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

The FAA can get bent. They do not have the jurisdiction to tell people what can and cannot be posted on Youtube.

"The FAA said that, because there are ads on YouTube, Hanes's flights constituted a commercial use of the technology"

Complete distortion of the law. Again i'll say, they have ZERO authority to do this. If they send you a letter, reply back telling them to shove it, and threaten to sue the hell out of them for harassment if they ever contact you again.