Does Cortana Coming to Android and iOS Spell the End for Windows Phone?

Hyper Focused Media's Carl Williams writes, "Microsoft is planning on bringing their Windows Phone exclusive digital assistant, Cortana, to iOS and Android devices, according to Reuters. The largest problem with this series of events unfolding is the fact that Microsoft has this little thing called Windows Phone to worry about. Windows Phone only represents about 5.1 percent of the cell phone OS’s shipped in 2014, according to CustomsToday, which means there are millions of Windows Phone users. A large majority of those users are running devices that offer Cortana, a Windows Phone exclusive (soon to come to Windows desktop/tablets). If this does happen, Cortana will join other Microsoft apps/programs/services, such as Office and Bing Search, which have jumped ship from being Windows Phone exclusives to become cross platform in the phone/tablet market. What this means for Windows Phone though is troubling to say the least."

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etownone2083d ago

I was planning on getting a Windows phone this year, until the S6 Edge was announced.

Shame... MS has great phones, my girlfriend has one and she loves it.
But... I think they are way too late to the game.

Tiqila2083d ago

MS plans to integrate Cortana in Windows 10 and in their new Internet Browser and all their phones. What this gives them is a chance to compete with Google again, since all Cortana queries will use Microsoft's search engine.

Cortana coming to Android and iOS is no sign of the end of Windows Phone. Just like the Amazon kindle app coming to iOS, Windows and Android was no sign of the end of kindle.

kevnb2082d ago (Edited 2082d ago )

They didnt anticipate the success of android, by the time they did android had such a huge advantage in software support Microsoft couldn't really compete. However, microsoft won't give up and will probably find a way to compete at some point.

etownone2082d ago


How the mighty MS have let Google slip in there.

Oh well... Android rocks.

ScorpiusX2083d ago

Why would they share a feature with these two companies , how about they grow a set and tell these two companies to piss off.
What's the point of creating a product and features to then put the feature on a competing product.

Wikkid6662083d ago (Edited 2083d ago )

So they shouldn't grow the product? They shouldn't make money?

ScorpiusX2083d ago

One thing to grow if you had no competing mobile devices or tablet ,but MS has those things so why help other device of rival products by providing said feature .

cplus2083d ago

Gotta love people who tell extremely successful multibillion dollar companies what they should do. It's usually people who live in a shitty apartment and barely make rent on time.

ScorpiusX2083d ago (Edited 2083d ago )

Actually I pay my mortgage on time and can afford it .

Pillsbury then why not help those in the same mobile boat as them to succeed no need to help those other BR''''.

Pillsbury12083d ago

They want to grow their services.

barbarapeva2083d ago

the question is, is cortana better than siri or google speak?

Cueil2082d ago

it's better then siri and it's closing the gap with google speak fairly quickly

Pillsbury12083d ago

If cortana does come to ios that would give me a better reason to get a microsoft band.

ArtificiallyYours2083d ago

This isn't a bad thing. Windows Phone, even post-Lumia Denim, can't avoid the restrictions older/legacy software builds will face sooner or later. Windows Phone is NOT going anywhere -- it's just homogenized under Windows 10...

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