These are the Release Dates and Prices for Every Steam PC/Console

Are you in the market for a shiny new gaming PC? Would you like to plug it into your TV and play right out of the box? Steam has every SteamOS enabled “Console” available on Steam right now, and we have the prices and release dates in one convenient place.

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ROQFrost2100d ago

Oh awesome still not gonna buy one though.

JoeIsMad2100d ago

Why not? They seem pretty powerful for the price.

2099d ago
Jacktrauma2100d ago

I just don't see the draw with these. Especially with, for the most part, you not being able to upgrade the graphics card.

Ogygian2099d ago (Edited 2099d ago )

Access to far more (and cheaper) games than other consoles have for those who do not own gaming PCs.

For those who do own gaming PCs and Steam profiles, it can be used either as a living room PC, or a gaming PC for travelling.

It could even be a great thing for PC gamers to buy for their kids, as they're easy to use and will have your children playing on the same platform as you in the long run.