HTC and Valve team up for the Re Vibe VR headset

Project Morpheus, Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, and Gear VR. Those are names anyone following the tech will recognize, and you can now add the HTC Re Vive to that list. HTC and Valve announced the new VR headset at MWC 2015 this week, and as cool as it looks, its functions are even cooler…

The HTC Vive is a premium gadget, and it has 37 sensors embedded in the front of the headset. This allows for a truly immersive experience when combined with two camera beacons of sorts. You’ll be able to actually get up and move in a virtual space, and HTC’s upcoming VR controllers are going to allow you to work with or manipulate objects in VR. It’s a far cry from sitting stationary with a controller in your hand or using the clicker on Cardboard.

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A new and greater for technology is about to start... Dying to get hands on one of these