At Geneva Auto Show, Worry About Silicon Valley

Dieter Zetsche, the chief executive of Daimler, began a meeting with reporters at the Geneva International Motor Show on Tuesday by half-jokingly asking them not to spend more than half the allotted time talking about Apple.

It was an indication of how much Silicon Valley has set its sights on the car industry, and how companies like Apple and Google have intruded on what could reasonably have been expected to be one of the most cheerful industry gatherings in years.

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Stringerbell2102d ago

“A car is so complex inside and out,” said Gorden Wagener, vice president for design at Daimler, the maker of Mercedes cars. “A smartphone is fairly simple compared to that.”

I couldn't disagree more wit this. That seems to be the only counter from people against Apple building a car. Its hard. So? Its not as if Apple is hiring the brightest minds in the industry to tackle this job...