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Unpacked: Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and more aren’t what you expected

Wanted a new design? Hoped for no TouchWiz? Nope, you're not getting that with the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge. But you will get cool-looking metal devices with no microSD card slots, no removable backs and a fingerprint magnet on the rear.

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Minimoth2100d ago

They still look pretty good tho

ProjectVulcan2100d ago (Edited 2100d ago )

Form versus function. Samsung have tilted away from the latter with this.

I always admired the Galaxy S models for the fact it still retained it's microSD, and changeable batteries etc even if it meant it eschewed a slim all in one metal case. In truth, I personally was happy to give up some aesthetics to get something more usable for me. Especially for extended batteries, I loved the fact I could fit a 6000mah battery and play with the phone all day, yet still have charge left late at night away from home, hours after everything else died a death.

But the overwhelming moaning and calls from average joe to turn it into just another metal clad sealed one piece unserviceable giant phone disappoints me. Now it has inevitably happened :(

It was another option, it was something different. Now the Galaxy S is just another for me to rub off my list quicker. Roll on LG G4?

Agent_00_Revan2099d ago

Same. Guess I'm looking forward to the G4 and hoping for the best. Sadly I was very disappointed by the no SD or removable battery of the S6.

proudly_X2099d ago

Same old poo but in a metal case..

justlikeme2099d ago

Actually it has less features. Not water/dust proof anymore. No more removable back, and no micro sd card... What were they thinking....

Javicho2099d ago

Really that sounds sucks. This new model of samsung galaxy will be a fraude. I dont mind how much beatiful look the real reason to have a great device is you can changw the battery and get into a micro sd . How spect the consumer will be recieve this