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Apple Holds 88.7% Of Global Smartphone Profits

Market research firm Strategy Analytics concluded from their latest study that Apple holds a majority portion of Smartphone profits. Global Smartphone operating profit share for Apple iOS rose from 70.5% in Q4 2013, to 88.7% in Q4 2014.

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ChrisW2345d ago

Hmmm... Time to revamp Android.

Speed-Racer2345d ago

Sure. Just sell all Androids at an exorbitant price point and BOOM. Android will be right up there with Apple.

Gamer19822345d ago

Because android is open source and also all iphones use 6-7 year old technology so they probably pay around £50 a phone to make unlike android which uses the latest in technology. I mean the latest iphone for example uses dual core cpu and 1gb ram. My old HTC one X in terms of hardware was more powerful than the new iphone and that came out in may 2012. The reason iphone keeps up though is unlike android there is parity so the ios system works really well. Well that and lack of features.. I mean without widgets and other things constantly running on the phone it has more free resources.

There a complete rip off..

bahabeast2343d ago

Apple power. The phones are built to last premium material and the value is always higher than those cheap plastic samsung with those charger ports that enevidably goes bad.