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Radioshack Will Sell You Its Name For $20 Million

Bids beginning at $20 million will be taken for the RadioShack name now that the company is in bankruptcy. Standard General, the largest RadioShack shareholder, has asked the US Bankruptcy Court to allow it to lead the bidding on March 23 at an auction.

RadioShack's current plans are still not entirely clear. We now know the name of the company will not continue since it is being sold.

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hiredhelp2341d ago

$20million you kidden lol

hanaghansarah2341d ago

what a rip off, someone will pick it up though

SilentNegotiator2341d ago

Counter offer: stick of gum.

Stringerbell2341d ago

I've only been to radio shack once in my life. I bought some obnoxiously large battery for a science project. I must have been 12 or so, thats it.

Dasteru2340d ago

I would have a tough time justifying $20 for the Radio Shack name, let alone $20 million.