Why Flying Cars Are Difficult And Dumb

By this stage, it's fairly clear that flying cars aren't going to happen any time soon, despite what the media might want to say. And there's a simple reason for that — the whole concept of flying cars is pretty stupid in the first place.

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Speed-Racer2344d ago

I figure this is what's gonna happen eventually

cl19832344d ago

I'd really like to get to the Jetsons Movie car that folds up in to a 6 inch 2x4

Stringerbell2343d ago

And a robo-maid to clean the house!

Soldierone2342d ago

With how dumb people are and can't even handle cars, I'd prefer it if they were not flying over my house to be honest!

Stringerbell2342d ago

Imagine drunk drivers in a flying car? While I'm sure cars of the future will have some sort of mechanism to lock you out of you have a high BAC, they would essentially be random missiles in the air!

level 3602342d ago

First thing I'll try on a flying car is go to the next nearest country and then the next.. certainly go around the world.

strangeaeon2342d ago

So what I gathered from the video is how impossible flying cars, teleportation, and space colonies are. Great science, guys.