Samsung teases us yet again with their "Next Galaxy" campaign

Samsung is teasing us yet again with their latest marketing stunt for the Galaxy S6

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KnowTechie2168d ago

The fact that they're releasing three different model of this phone is going to confuse a shit ton of consumers.

johny52166d ago

Samsung has too much competition this year and increasing their prices is not exactly helping....

KnowTechie2166d ago

That and the fact releasing a new phone every 3 months is never a good idea.

subtenko2166d ago

Sony needs to frikkn hurry an announced the xperia z4 because Im seriously thinking about getting it. I wish I got the z3 instead of the galaxy s4. I need more RAM because the phone is getting slow, waterproof is a bonus, better cam, better sleek design, etc.

KnowTechie2166d ago

Yea, that's one phone I'll be keeping my eye out for.

subtenko2165d ago

If not then possible that Zen phone, and maaaaybe GS6 but its gonna take a lot to win me back.

Or the new HTC m9.

hanaghansarah2162d ago

can't wait, their marketing is getting better.