Windows RT is officially dead

The Verge: Microsoft was left alone as the last manufacturer of Windows RT-based tablets, and now the software giant is no longer producing any RT devices. A Microsoft spokesperson has confirmed to The Verge that the company is no longer manufacturing its Nokia Lumia 2520 Windows RT tablet. "We are no longer manufacturing Nokia Lumia 2520; however, those still eager to buy Nokia Lumia 2520 should visit Microsoft Retail Stores,, third-party retailers and resellers for the latest availability." The confirmation comes just a week after Microsoft revealed it has stopped manufacturing the Surface 2, another Windows RT tablet.

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Gondee2182d ago

RT responded 3 years too late. Got pounded

BenqMagician2181d ago

I got 2 windows RT tablets a windows surface 1 and a ASUS RT tablets both still use perfect for everyday use.

AsmaMohd2180d ago

Windows RT is easy to use, and well-suited for this form factor as well as for designs of productivity.