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The End of Religion: Technology and the Future

IEET: History is littered with dead gods. The Greek and Roman gods, and thousands of others have perished. Yet Allah, Yahweh, Krishna and a few more survive. But will belief in the gods endure? It will not. Our descendents will be too advanced to share such primitive beliefs.

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ChrisW2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

Superstition, which is a core principle of faith, will continually fade as knowledge increases.

However, belief in a Supreme Architect of our existence will ALWAYS endure.

Rute2378d ago

I disagree. The supreme architect has ever less space in the gaps of our knowledge as those gaps become smaller. Currently he resides in the gaps related to fundamental physical theories and prebiotic chemistry but I can't see a possibility that we won't make big breakthroughs in those fields. (unless perhaps, a giant asteroid were to hit Earth)

Even great thinkers have got it wrong in the past. For example, Isaac Newton thought that a divine being has to fine tune the orbits of planets in our solar system so that they wouldn't fall into chaos. That's simply because he couldn't solve the three body problem which is well known now.

ChrisW2378d ago

Well... It doesn't matter how scientific, psychological, or theological you get about it... There are ALWAYS going to be people who will believe that some being is responsible for our existence, regardless of how intellectually advanced they become.

fr0sty2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

You cannot physically prove or disprove something that is not bound by the laws of the universe we live within. We can only observe physical reactions scientifically. If there were a being or force outside of our observable universe, or if the universe itself was a living thing, we would have no way of ever realizing that in a way that could be tested and verified.

So, while it may be true that we will fill in less blanks with "god" the more we learn, there will always be room for a god to exist in the minds of men.

ProjectVulcan2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

Organised religion is ridiculous. This is what 'religion' means and the end of it, it doesn't have to mean you cannot believe in some sort of God without it, I will point this out.

Even if you feel you HAVE to believe in some sort of divine being, where the evidence is mightily sketchy, at least don't do it through an organised religion.

Organised religion will decay eventually, but the belief in some sort of some divine being for billions of people will go on for a long time after I suspect.

badz1492377d ago

being as powerless, I can't believe that some people really think that believing in god is an outdated idea and science is the way forward. science is a gift from god for us thinkers and learners to learn and appreciate what have been bestowed upon us by the creator, not as a tool to deny the existence of god itself.

think carefully. is it ok to act THAT arrogant against the god when you can't even create the simplest form of life let alone the complex ones? our brains make split second decisions one after another while requiring so little input and the process is almost impossible to be replicated by mere mortals like us yet some of us still have the guts to question the creator?

we live like what...100 years each? but we are now questioning a force that has been preserving the whole universe at will for all eternity just because we now knew about some scientific stuff? the more you know, you should feel humbler, not more arrogant! you're doing it wrong.

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strangeaeon2378d ago

With current events one might be led to think our world is becoming ever more pious. It's getting very goddamn scary.

thorstein2377d ago

Actually, the fastest growing belief (or lack of belief) is those who claim no religion.

If you google it, you will find Islam claiming the fastest growing "belief" because they a) are biased and b) are only referring to those who are superstitious.

coolbeans2377d ago


I suggest citing your more 'empirical' sources if you're going to play the "they're just biased" card when it comes to the information readily available on google.

In reality, Islam can be considered the fastest growing religion/belief, depending on how far back you're graphing like from say...older Guiness World Record numbers (90-2000) or even as far back as Reader's Digest Almanac and Yearbook from the 80's. The percentage spike is quite tremendous the farther back it goes.

CyberCam2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

Superstition; a belief or notion, not based on reason or knowledge

The reason you say this, is because you do not have the reason or knowledge! There is factual proof of almost all the events that took place in the Bible (God's book), which you obviously lack. From the creation of the earth to Jesus' crucifixion, all the way to the perversion & fake cloning of the true original faith... there are facts (even the concealed ones) about all these events.

The type of "knowledge increases" we are fed is the main problem... The type of knowledge that is suppressed from us, would definitely give you more insight on your decision making with regards to faith.

The funny thing is, the people that suppress those facts, know those facts, but they are working for the other team. They themselves serve a god wannabe being and that being, wants humans faith in the real God to fade so he and his minions can continue to destroy us all!

When you are on your death bed or in a life or death situation (like a plane about to crash), what will be the last words out of your mouth.... usually it's "Oh my God!", ironic isn't it! This is a quote from a well known atheist that turned Christian (I can't remember his name at the moment)... "It's easy to be an atheist when you're alive and all is well, but when you're on your death bed it's the hardest thing to do".

ChrisW2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

Let me guess, you're a Born Again Christian, right?

Well, let me be frank, honest, and clear with you! It is demeaning and pathetic to go around assuming that people "lack" knowledge about God's book based on just two sentences. I have as much, if not more, knowledge about the Bible as/than you do. And in addition, let me over-express where I am certain I am wiser that you; I am open-minded, tolerant, and hold a great amount of interest in the numerous other religious scriptures. Why? Well, let me use the Bible for reason: Because there are over 60 references in the Bible concerning "educating yourself."

CyberCam2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )


Just like it's "demeaning and pathetic" to call someone's faith, a "superstition"? You did read the definition I posted right?

It's ok to attack Christianity these days, as it's "in" thing to do. But when we stand up for ourselves we are the haters and are intolerant. The door doesn't seem to swing both ways for us, and it's getting worse everyday.

As for your knowledge of the Bible, you may read the words like an ordinary book, but do you know the spiritual meanings & lessons behind it are? The book is a guide inspired by God himself, and is about one man from front to back! The most loved & hated man that ever walked this earth!

If you're so open-minded, why would you post such a close minded statement?

All those 60 references concerning "educating yourself" also teach you that you can't truly understand them without a spiritual interpreter to receive their true understanding and not just self interpretation. Do you really know who the spiritual interpreter is?

Although, you & I are engaging in a debate, I have no hate towards you, and I really hope the best for you and that God will truly open your eyes SPIRITUALLY to the world you live in.


thorstein2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

"It's ok to attack Christianity these days, as it's "in" thing to do. But when we stand up for ourselves we are the haters and are intolerant."

You "Christ" ians have attacked my people for the last 500 years.

So, a decade of "attacking" Christianity is the 'in' thing to do?

It wasn't until a few decades ago that things have started to change. SO, no, you don't get to pretend to be a martyr. No one has fed you to the lions for over a thousand years.

ChrisW2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

Ah... I presumed correctly. But now knowing your creed, I do know that any valid argument I make will be most likely be staunchly refuted. So I will not comment anymore on my knowledge of the Bible over yours, especially since you view your interpretation of it as infallible and absolute. 2 Timothy 2:23 is also a good reason to not continue this route.

--Now, to quell things a bit... "Faith" was meant to be a generalization. You automatically assumed I solely meant "Christian faith." Understandable, yet naive.

--And... Honest question here: How is what I initially posted about superstition dwindling but belief in God (Supreme Architect) enduring closed-minded? Seriously, please answer this!!!

--Finally... Spiritual Interpreter... You're referring to speaking in tongues for guidance, right? Though I have tried it, it is not part of my beliefs. Nonetheless, despite it being in 1 Corinthians, it has strong Pagan origins. Not that I mind its origins, but you might. Mind you, much of what Christians practice today was incorporated from Pagan practices to entice acceptance. It's rather interesting! That is, if you are open-minded enough to find it interesting. But... let's not make this the focus of our debate, especially since we have limited bubbles.

Just out of curiosity, did you actually read the article?

I did. It was okay... A bit too finite and somewhat lowbrow on its finite-ness, but he does have a few good points about our future descendants' potential beliefs.

CyberCam2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

You, like many, lump the counterfeit christians & ancient catholics (that did do those atrocities to the real Christians), together as one set of people. Do you really think Jesus would endorse Hitler like Pope Pius XII did?

However true Christians that really follow Jesus Christ's teachings would know better than to hate anyone and kill, persecute anyone. We are taught to love your enemy, and do good to those who persecute you.

Also, attacking Christianity has been going on since Jesus' crucifixion. You have your facts wrong of course. You of course are referring to the zealous radicals that attack the homosexuals and others. Jesus (and HIS real CHURCH) wouldn't do that and I wouldn't either.

You need to educate yourself with the facts and research the facts in this documentary.

--Although I know the Bible scriptures (like 2 Timothy 2:23), I don't use individual scriptures in arguments (because like satan does), they are taken out of context and used in counter arguments (anyone can do that). I use the entire chapter or book for that matter, to get the entire meaning.

Paul wrote those 2 books to Timothy (his protege) and the first pastor of Ephesus (the Las Vegas of that time, home of the fake pagan gods). Those 2 books are meant for Christians and are a guide for the different offices of the church and a Christians deeds & duties.

--When "faith" lumps Christians with all other religions, I tend to correct it. Try calling a Korean person, a Chinese or a Greek person an Italian, you'll get the same reaction. I know many of these races and the tend to take exception to these actions.

--To answer your question... the way your statement was written (your choice of words), makes it seems as if Christians are idiots for believing in God and again are lumped in with all other religions. And that man made knowledge will trump God's knowledge as time goes on. Also, no mater how much man made knowledge we obtain, the "idiots" will still believe in a Supreme Architect (God).

--By "Spiritual Interpreter" I mean God's Holy Spirit (the 3rd part to the God head), the entity that is doing God's work in the background. He tugs at our conscience and helps us understand the spiritual meaning of the scriptures. The tongues you speak off, are spiritual gifts from God, and that has a satanic counterfeit from lucifer, to fool people into thinking christians are lunatics.

You're right what most Christians practice today does stem from paganism. Most don't know any better but I do. That started happening in 313 A.D. when the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great, merged Roman (Ancient Babylonian) Paganism & Christianity together.... that was the worst day in Christianity! The Bible does tell (many times) of the many that will be deceived!

--Yes I did read the article. To me it's just new age propaganda to push people away from God and set them up for the New World Order, which will usher in the new world leader and world domination & slavery. Everyone will have only 2 choices then, serve & worship lucifer or die.

The Bible foretells about all this thousands of years in advance. People brush it off and nonsense, yet look at the world we live in, there's no real hope for our future on this planet, but people continually ignore it. It's just going to get worse & worse!

I could go on but I've said enough.

ChrisW2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

Uh... Yeah... I'm certain it's super easy to take the verse "Avoid foolish disputes, knowing that they generate strife" out of context. And I'm most certain Satan gets giddy knowing that individual verses can be used as such. Wait... No! That's such a daft rationalization. Please be realistic! Yeah... I know, I'm asking too much here.

--All religions require faith. What is there to correct about that?

--Thanks for answering my question. I strongly believe that you are overreacting. But hey! I'm not worried. Most fundamentalists overreact to the slightest presumable heretical comment anyway. Even asking one to lighten up concerning such things would be heretical in its own right.

--As this is my last bubble - respond as you wish - I will not continue this discussion. Not even with PM.

Laus Deo!

CyberCam2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

You have obviously not seen, heard or have been a part of Atheist vs Christian debates like I have. It's super easy to google up a scripture and use it towards your argument in a debate. People will twist anything to make their argument look valid.

A "daft rationalization" is thinking that we humans are the only ones in existence and that God & satan are a myth. There is a tremendous spiritual war taking place all around us as we speak. We are the pawns & the prizes of this spiritual war. It's taking place in the 6 scientifically proven dimensions (curled to the less than the 10-33 cm) in our world that we can't see.

Every single one of us have had a moment where we feel another presents around us (good or bad, that heaviness or lightness feeling that something is there), but most brush it off as "it's just in our heads".

Have you ever heard the saying "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince the world that he didn't exist". He's way smarter than you or I and he's been around since before the earth or us was ever created. He's counterfeited everything pure that God created!

--"All religions require faith. What is there to correct about that?"

This is not what you originally stated, if you did I wouldn't have responded. Superstition was inserted in there, remember?

Did you know that Evolution (Darwinism) Theory is a religion too! There has never been any scientific proof, nor any missing links found, or any observable kinds of species changing into a different kind of species, or observing nothing turning into a living cell. It's all based on the faith of one man's theory, which has never been proven in a lab! The so called scientific community just kept adding & changing the rules as it kept getting disproved.

--You're welcome, you asked, so I answer because I can. You call it over reacting, I call it correcting, informing & educating. You call me a fundamentalists overreacting, I call it, someone that knows the absolute truth (not my truth or your truth, but God's truth), correcting misinformation.

--This is my last response (and bubble) as well, so I won't be pursuing this topic any longer, I've said my peace or more precisely what the Lord wanted me to say.

I will vote you up for another +bubble though, in hopes that you will be able to continue your debate next time!

--One last thing;
There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all argument, and which cannot fail to keep man in everlasting ignorance. That principle is condemnation before investigation.
— Edmund Spencer

I use to condemn faith/religion too, that was before I actually investigated it and found the truth.

Cheers and GBY!

timeisnigh2376d ago

Didn't read the article. Didn't care to. JUst simply came to see reponses. Found you, brethren.

Interesting conversation between you and Chris. Since you stuck to your stuff and held your ground fairly well I won't go into Chris's faults. However, wow! It might be only you, or your church comminity itself but saying Satan is responsible for taking the Bible out of context and using it as your main point for ignoring it;s usage is a lame cop-out. Really cheap man!

My BAC community ('cause God has my BAC!) We strongly believes that each verse is to be cherished and if a Christian from another church tries to use it against us we should point them in the right direction. Callously saying Satan is responsible wont win any points. It is not our objective to turn away people with callouness Like you do. When we say, "Oh you only say that because Satan in in your heart!" People simply ignore us. And YOU know that very well!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously man! The Bible is obviously the way, but your way is NOT the way to win others hearts and beliefs to the Bible regardless of what they think.

From one BA to another (aka you), oldschool Fire and Brimstone tactics only work on the weak minded. Gotta keep up with the times! Change your tactics to agree with wat they say, but influence them gently towards the right direction.

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TheSaint2377d ago

Christ I hope not, worst thing to happen to humanity is religion.

mechlord2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

Chris, i think that (and please, read this without any offense)
people like you are kinda shortsighted. I recommend you to read about quantum physics and relativistic physics.
I tell you man, god, the supreme intelligence, the "universe"- (in the philosophical sense) is manifested there very strongly.

Try to read and follow the REAL implications on REALITY as we know it about the Heisenberg's principle, the duality of light, the Alain Aspect experiments, the double slit experiments (all its refinements) are a fascinating subject, especially when you consider the ultimate consequences on reality.

maybe we will lose the notion of a loving almighty father/God, but make no mistake: God as infinite intelligence and first cause for our existence will not go away.

I say this because i have read on the subject and made my mind. Im asking you to do the same and not just repeat something you have heard or been told without too much investigation.

The initial question you should ask is about that proverbial fallen tree:

If a tree falls in a forest with no one around to hear it fall, did it make noise?

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stuna12378d ago

The ideal of God or a supreme being, brings about a sense of morality! Knowing the difference of right and wrong. I believe in God! I also believe that my belief acts as a inner compass when it comes to what is morally right and wrong.

Some may view my belief as mere superstition, but technically it's me taking a leap of faith, not them! And for what it's worth I think everyone needs something to believe in, if not what's the purpose? The fact that some believe we just came into being through evolution sounds more unbelievable than a divine architecture who orchestated life in my opinion.

Rute2378d ago

Well, to say that one *needs* a purpose is not a scientific argument for the existence of an entity that gives purpose. One can believe in many different non-existing things that bring meaning in life. A kid may believe in Santa because it brings meaning to their christmas and make their behavior a bit better around December but that's not an argument for the existence of Santa.

I find it interesting how often the morality issue is brought up though because the most secular countries in the world like Sweden and Japan have really low crime rates and high human development index whereas places with 100% religiosity like Somalia and Afganistan are absolutely horrible places to live in.

mechlord2377d ago


"I find it interesting how often the morality issue is brought up though because the most secular countries in the world like Sweden and Japan have really low crime rates and high human development index whereas places with 100% religiosity like Somalia and Afganistan are absolutely horrible places to live in.
Youre generalizing a hella lot here. What you mean by 100% religiosity? every member of that population practices a creed?

Besides that point, i can tell you this: what youre stating is proof that religion (faith in something higher actually) is a super tool. those are examples of places where that tool is misused. I can tell you for example that the use of Thanksgiving or all the christian (and not only christian) holidays has helped the commerce around the world...

Dont look at just one side of the coin and make assumptions.

Rute2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )


Ok, I was wrong. "Only" 97% of the people in Afganistan think religion is important part of their lives. But in Somalia it's 100%.

In Sweden, that number is 16.5% and in Japan 23.5%.

All I'm saying is that a high percentage of agnostic atheists in a population correlates quite well with high HDI and low crime rates. But there are some exceptions, most notably USA. I'm just using facts to counter the often mentioned argument that low religiosity leads to bad morals.

Qrphe2377d ago

If you're implying that all that's keeping you from going around killing and raping is a belief in god, then you're not very moral to begin with.

stuna12377d ago

How did what I said lead to your interpretation of my words? No where in my response did I even hint at such things! I said I use it as my moral compass.

If you choose to believe something differently that's your business, but the truth is your response to my comment has absolutely no baring on my beliefs one way or another and it never will.

Qrphe2377d ago

I don't care for what you believe nor am I trying to sway you from that like you state, but you did state that
>I also believe that my belief acts as a inner compass when it comes to what is morally right and wrong

For the sake of the argument: if tomorrow it was somehow proven God did not exist, what would happen to your moral compass?

iliimaster2378d ago

i remember watching a documentary on history channel where they regrew a complete finger bone and nail, or grew lungs etc its gonna happen

Tzuno2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

Everything is a big lie and a great scheme, somebody out there is gaining from this. Maybe when we die we see the truth, who knows...

sonic9892378d ago

Its extremely hard to convince me with theories only and only practical examples with full knowledge of what's going on.
I don't like how our world is shaping up to be and it will continue to become worse.
May allah bless us all human brothers and sisters.

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