Microsoft Has “Holographic” Technology; Here’s the Hololens in Video

In case you missed the load of information coming out of the Windows 10 press conference yesterday, Microsoft is bringing their own spin to the slew of virtual reality headsets trending right now. Announcing the Hololens to the world, Microsoft is taking a step beyond the competition. Here's the full video of what the Hololens can do, with details inside.

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Jacktrauma2385d ago

Man that looks awesome! What a way to bring a program to life! Can't wait to check this out

Magnus7012385d ago

The idea is solid, but like most things with microsoft, they need a physical redesign because they look ridiculous

Ingram2379d ago

I seriously doubt that this form factor can house a hardware capable of displaying such plethoric and precise scenarios and interfaces. I mean, if you told me "yes, this hooks up to an xbox one that does the gpu processing and stuff" I would believe it. As it stands, it would seem this is 14nm cherry trail + unknown ULP GPU + some integrated vector+parallel hardware engine. It does not add up, seems too responsive, stable and graphically overwhelming.