iPhone 6S identified as 2GB LPDDR 4 memory, may be accompanied by Force Touch

After previously informed iPad Air 2 for the first time to spend 2GB of memory, the market is expected next-generation iPhone 6 will follow, the fact is that, at the time of the end of 2014 we will learn job-related iPhone is already in progress , the only question is To follow the same with the existing models or new generations LPDDR 3 LPDDR 4, but it seems that Apple has decided to adopt a new generation of memory.

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Devil-X2377d ago

Wonder why Apple needed to worry about costs ... they can always put the burden on their customers just like they did in the past.

1nsomniac2376d ago

Exactly. To claim that Apple gives a damn about how much they over charge you for their products is insane.

I don't know what kind of logic someone would use to come to that conclusion!

gdguide2376d ago

Wow! 2gb! They almost caught up to the start of 2013!

eferreira2376d ago

Lower specs yet it still outperforms. Now that's embarresing.

bahadur2375d ago

I can't wrap my head around the fact that people complain about apple's product being too expensive, that's because they are classy and they will outperform your android devices any day.

rocketpanda2375d ago

Depends on the tasks. You can't just make some nonsense blanket statement like it will outperform droid devices any day.

Benchmarks such as Geekbench and Cinemark shows when the note 4 vs iphone 6 plus there are pros and cons to BOTH. Note 4 seems better on cpu tasks where the iphone plus with graphics related tasks. Unless you know better than Tomsguide, but I highly doubt that.

bahadur2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

look man, I am just saying when it comes to performance, iPhone's record has been better than android devices now I understand that samsung has brought some great innovations and added things that'll make their phones great but look at the over all record. it's always been the best, you just can't buy an iPhone and be in a doubt that oh man maybe it's not as good. It's the brand and the trust people put in it. We geeks may know better but people out there go for better brands, and Apple is one hell of a brand.

barbarapeva2375d ago

i've just got my iphone 4s, don't tell me there's another one