Evolve Graphics Benchmark – GTX 980 vs. 290X & More

GamersNexus: "This Evolve GPU FPS benchmark tests the game on Very High (max) and Medium settings, pitting some of the best graphics cards against one another. On our Evolve graphics bench, we tested the GTX 980 vs. the GTX 780, 770, 750 Ti, & R9 290X vs. the R9 285, 270X, R7 250X, & HD 7850. Once we got past the FPS limitations (resolved easily, as explained in an upcoming guide), testing Evolve was fairly easy and nonrestrictive."

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reddevilandy102389d ago

Not quite sure if this is a TechSpy article, or one for N4G.

Speed-Racer2387d ago

It's a hardware benchmark, how is this not tech related again?

Devil-X2387d ago

Just to confirm can I start posting antutu benchmarks here on techspy which takes into account all the hardware present in the device?

NicSage2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

This guy is wrong.

I had everything on HIGH settings and it was buttery smooth 60fps with vsync on.

I have a 660ti.

It's not very high but he states playing the game at all, he is incorrect.


my post on youtube.

just downloaded the closed beta to test why you say anything lower than 750ti is going to run this game poorly. You are incorrect, I just played the tutorial with my 660ti @ Very HIGH settings with vsync on & it ran at 43-52fps .
Yes it does run slower with vsync on if you turn it off it runs flawlessly & I did not notice screen tearing.

You should reword statements in your videos because lower end video cards can run this just fine.

I'm using a
i5 3750k 4.2ghz
16gb 1600mhz
samsung evo 840 256gb
gigabyte 660ti 2gb windforce


Do not believe this guy, if you have a lower end card the game runs fine.