Scientists Successfully Remove HIV From Human Cells

Researchers at Temple University in Philadelphia have been able to destroy HIV in human cells, rather than simply suppress it, a breakthrough in the ongoing fight against HIV/AIDS.

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thorstein2390d ago

The Days of Pharmacology are numbered.

I would expect pharmaceuticals to be ancient history when 2100 rolls around.

Kurylo3d2390d ago

What planet are u living on? Too much money to be lost. Pharmeceutical companies fund this research and then kill it when they cant make a drug to put someone on for life. They dont want to cure your disease.. tehy want to profit off of it long term.

thorstein2390d ago

Totally agree with you. But, in the end it will die, just like so many things that have gone before it.

Ever hear of Kodak?

Kurylo3d2388d ago

I've heard of blockbuster video too... but kodak and blockbuster dont have what pharmeceutical companies have. Government support, laws being written for them, and their own economy.

The_Blue2390d ago

Making progress each year