5 Things the PS4 can do better than the PS3

TK: There are a lot of awesome things that the PS4 can do that we were unable to do on the PS3. We are excited to reveal some secrets that not all fans may know of.

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bahadur3387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

I don't think the author told us any thing usefull other then how we can use it remotely - which everyone knows. Meh.

caseh3387d ago

Can't do DLNA though can it, GTFO until you can!

mushroomwig3387d ago

It's a games console, things like DLNA aren't a priority.

nowitzki20043386d ago

It is when you are looking for anything to hate on the PS4 for. Pathetic!

caseh3386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

Consoles stopped being just games consoles once they started using CDs as a medium.

Now they are multi-faceted entertainment centres and lacking something like DLNA when it's predecessor had it for as long as I can remember is pretty crap in my opinion.


I'll tell you what's pathetic, having the functionality to pause downloads introduced a YEAR after the console launched.

For all the bells and whistles the PS4 has, missing common functionality is where it simply isn't better.

AsmaMohd3387d ago

Ps3 for LIFE! Ps4 does look good but there are not really a lot of games i really want to play on ps4 but there isn't any point to start over but it would be pretty cool to get for a wishlist.They should support Ps3 utill 2025 not 2015.

mushroomwig3387d ago

You want them to support a console for almost 20 years after it's release? Really?

1nsomniac3387d ago

Is this article going to be followed up with a "5 things the PS3 can do better than the PS4"?...

Speed-Racer3386d ago

Nope. It's gonna be 5 things the PS4 can do better than the PS4.


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