Exclusive BlackBerry Passport redesigned for AT&T: nothing new

An AT&T exclusive BlackBerry Passport is in the works from the company, touting a refreshed design that won’t be as rigid as the original model. BlackBerry & AT&T decided to collaborate on a new BlackBerry Passport that will be found exclusively in AT&T stores, but if you are wondering whether customers of the carrier will get some special functions, better specs or new features, I have to disappoint you, since the companies said that the Passport will be basically the same, except for a few design elements.

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emilysmithltg2199d ago

Which one do you like more?

ArtificiallyYours2198d ago

One of the cleanest looking iteration of the latest BlackBerry handset.

The Passport and BB OS 10.3 are a rising threat for the competition, IMO. 2015 should be an eventful year.

emilysmithltg2198d ago

I agree, BlackBerry is once again on the rise.

ArtificiallyYours2198d ago (Edited 2198d ago )

Not a fault, but I think BlackBerry was clever to keep the Passport a two-handed variant. Them releasing a Curve successor, the Classic, makes for an effective market research. Figure out which form is best.

Speaking of which I hope they chisel out the Classic's kinks and that price down some. It is a very interesting phone as well... I just want a user replaceable battery.