Coolest Things Learned from Panasonic’s Keynote at CES 2015

GamerFitnation picks out the coolest things announced at Panasonic's press conference during CES 2015.

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Yi-Long2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

4k means nothing, considering the limitations of the human eye vs the viewing distance and screensize of tv's in the average living room.

Not to mention nobody wants to have to keep re-buying their favourite movies and series in a higher resolution: first dvd > bluray > 4k!? No thanks.

The only news from Panasonic I would be interested in hearing, would be a return to 1080p plasma tv's.

Sitdown2769d ago

Correction.. First VHS> DVD> bluray/digital/3D > 4K. Despite your thoughts, people will rebut movies, and then will come a generation that only know 4K and they will make the purchase to sustain the market.

AsmaMohd2769d ago

Panasonic teased us with a 4K Blu Ray player and the return of the Technics brand.

Redinfamy2769d ago

I am curious when we will see the new 4K Blu-ray media roll out ?