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New Sony Walkman is seriously overpriced and a bit outdated

The Sony Walkman is a concept we’ve been harboring in our hearts ever since our childhoods, with good memories surrounding the simple cassette-tape players from the iconic company. Posters with a new, redesigned Sony Walkman showed up yesterday in the halls of the CES 2015 exhibition and we were very excited to see the new gadget in action at the Sony event later on. We were expecting to see an average media player which would be a go-to device for those who don’t carry their music on their smartphones, but we were left quite disappointed.

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pressjudge2204d ago

They ask the price exactly for that, the retro-feeling.

ChrisW2203d ago

So retro that they won't even include headphones?!?

Wow... Uhhh... Not worth it!

gunnerforlife2204d ago

Tbh it's not aimed at the lower market or mid market! It's aimed at those that can afford it. I don't think Sony is looking to sell millions of these.

hkgamer2203d ago

just another sony product or service aimed at nobody.

just seems like they make whatever they think is cool, then they realise that sony is not what it used to be and not everyone will buy stuff because of the sony tag.

mushroomwig2203d ago

Yeah, that PS4 is doing terribly right now eh?

hkgamer2203d ago

because sony is the only product they do.

tell me what other product they have that is doing well.

mike32UK2203d ago

I have no idea why you've been down voted, because you are exactly right. This isnt for some 16 year old hipster as a Christmas present this is an investment for SERIOUS audiophiles. Im all about having great sounding music, however this is certainly too rich for my blood

SilentNegotiator2204d ago

They have nice low-mid end ones, too, though.

aranatecharete2203d ago

$1,200 dollars for this SH*T???

and I thought that Apple is the only one with a profitability disorder...

Speechless -_-

caseh2203d ago

If they put a picture of a dildo on the back of the casing, it will probably sell billions. Some people like getting shafted these days.

spicelicka2203d ago

Some people just like dildos...

madmonkey012203d ago

"New Sony Walkman is seriously overpriced and a bit outdated" sounds like they are trying to copy apple.

ChrisW2203d ago

Howeverbeit, Apple isn't that hard up to ask for $1,200 for products of similar nature.

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The story is too old to be commented.