Leaked Galaxy S6 photos show off a rounded device, not that spectacular

Leaked Galaxy S6 photos have been spotted in the wild, and while we are glad to see Samsung progressing with the manufacture and design of Project Zero, we are not taken aback with what we can see in the images.

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sarawithteeth2209d ago

I wonder if the performance will make up for the lackluster design.

eferreira2209d ago

All the fanboys mocked the iPhone rounded shape for years now they'll call it innovative

annoyedgamer2209d ago (Edited 2209d ago )

All the Apple fangirls said big phones were too big now they say bigger is better...

Raf1k12209d ago

Not liking the look of that.

Speed-Racer2209d ago

If it's one thing Samsung never did well was design.

Slappy McGee2209d ago

How are you supposed to protect those phones with edge screens? No TPU, Otterbox, or other type of case can be used due to the screen going around to the back. I hope that design dies off quickly. I'm not risking scratching my phone for a gimmick.

annoyedgamer2209d ago

The image in the thumbnail is fake. The actual phones are similar to the AF with a less ugly side.