North Korea denies attacking Sony, offers to help investigate

North Korea has ratcheted the absurdity level of the Sony hack up a notch by pleading its innocence again and even offering to help find the real perpetrators. The FBI recently blamed North Korea for the attack that forced Sony Pictures Entertainment to cancel The Interview starring Seth Rogen and James Franco. The nation is so anxious to "help" that it warned the US of "grave consequences" if it doesn't undertake a joint probe. While still denying culpability, North Korea's propaganda arm KCNA nevertheless went on in great detail about how the Interview "defamed its dignity," and said it would retaliate if the US refuses to work with it (judging by the rough translation).

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Devil-X2139d ago

Sounds like some of you were expecting them to take responsibility for the hack "Officially".

ChrisW2138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

Other news agencies are stating that it seems more like the work of a simple-minded hacktivist.

The initial stealing of information and reposting it in a file dump seemed more like the work of a Squad. Then when rumors of "The Interview," being one of several leaked movies, started circulating for being the purpose for the hacking, the hacktivists latched onto it and ran with it claiming death, 9/11 all over again type threats if it was released, thus making N. Korea a scapegoat. Since it is super easy (and fun) to point fingers at N. Korea, everyone is automatically assuming it's them.

Personally, I'm certain they already know who did it, and maybe even the motive. But more importantly, I think the CIA and POTUS saying they know the order for the attack came N. Korea is for nothing more than fanning the flames of speculation and finger pointing at an obvious scapegoat.

plmkoh2138d ago

Funny because the 'news agencies' I've read all point out things very differently to what you said. Initially it was more like everyone was blaming hacktivists because there was no demands, among the leaked films 'The Interview' wasn't one. Around two weeks later GOP demanded the take down of 'The Interview' which is where the suspicions on Nth Korea started to come in.

The evidence presented is that the servers and methods used are not only extremely similar to earlier in the year hacks on Sth Korean banks but there are IP addresses that are known Nth Korea hubs.

Until today, 'The Interview' remains one of the few films not leaked, except for a 2 minute clip showing the death scene.

ChrisW2138d ago

Look, we all know NK is batshit crazy. However, one sure thing about NK is that all of their antics are obvious and they are generally boastful about what they do, but this hacking incident is different.

Besides, it's super easy to fake or redirect IP addresses.

SilentNegotiator2138d ago


Except this "antic" involves a crime for which the world is still trying to grasp how to respond to. North Korea doesn't want to be caught with experimental "antics" because that might actually get them punished.

The US is considering putting NK back on the terror list and China is getting more and more fed up with NK. If tensions escalated, threat of war wouldn't be completely out of the question.

"Around two weeks later GOP demanded the take down of 'The Interview' which is where the suspicions on Nth Korea started to come in"

WTF are you talking about?

ChrisW2138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )


China says they are getting more and more fed up... But don't believe for a second that they don't fully condone their perversed commie buddy's antics, especially when they are directed towards S. Korea, Japan, or US.

BTW, I just recently saw a report that NK supposedly asked Sony to continue cooperating to avoid further damages. Even when all of this is said and done, I'll still continue to believe that the media is more responsible for the finger pointing.

amiga-man2138d ago

I knew nothing about this film before all this hacking, now I want to see it lol

BeastBoxOne2138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

Obama just wants a reason to investigate N. Korea. I don't think they did it.

Kim Jong Un probably gets off on having a movie made about him.

ChrisW2138d ago


I'm certain the story ends with the guys liking Kim Jong-un so much that they can't go through with the assassination.

And... I'm also certain Jong-un has already seen the movie. As to whether he liked it or not, we will most likely never know.

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SilentNegotiator2138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

I like how they simultaneously threaten us while attempting (pretending) to offer help in the probe.

BeastBoxOne2138d ago

Thats because they feel threatened

SilentNegotiator2138d ago

Like a wolf cub biting a lion on the ankle and getting cornered in response.

sonic9892138d ago

You are assuming they did it and you are assuming they are threatening too.
Too much mainstream media and controlled alternative news Agencies.
If there is any country we should investigate well the answer might quite clear which country is at the center every single chaos on planet earth.

SmielmaN2138d ago

Ah, the OJ Simpson defence via offering assistance. Not sure threatening a country while offering to help makes sense though. But basically everyone knows it was them anyways. They are just trying to save face in the world leader community because they threatened them with terrorists attacks of a 9/11 nature. What f'ing idiots that country's leadership has. One fully the world lays a nice spanking on that fat boy Kim

NarooN2138d ago

"Let us help you find the bad guys... OR ELSE!!"

It's really as if North Korea has reached cartoon levels of supervillainy.

Rute2138d ago

If the police spread rumors about you being a rapist and drug dealer, what would you do? Go from door to door on your neighborhood with a smile on your face telling that you're not?

Devil-X2138d ago

These days.. you never know.

Times are changing fast. :p

Jrmy842138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

Well thats slander and one of those nieghbors would probably be a friend and say something, you just hire a lawyer from there and get rich. Back to the subject North Korea is and always has been a joke, the only ace up their sleeve, I mean the only ace they have are nukes and that's it. It actually could of been anyone with any knowledge on hacking or some script babies getting lucky with a program made by a real hacker. Anyway who knows, more international sanctions are soon to hit the North Korean people because of it.

sonic9892138d ago

@ jrmy
Let's say your neighbors are controlled by a higher authority and threatened .
About the lawyer lol he can just act that he helps you but on back scenes things are already decided by higher ups, don't be naive

SilentNegotiator2137d ago

"what would you do?"

Shake my fist at the cops and yell "Let me help you find the rapist or else!!"?

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TechImperia2138d ago

maybe side effect of watching too much cartoons on TV or YT. H,idk.. lol!!

Whatever4Ever2138d ago

Not just sanctions, we are going to put them back as a state that sponsors terroristic acts.