30,000 idiots buy box of poop from Cards Against Humanity website on Black Friday

If you thought the Internet couldn’t get less disappointing, then don’t hold your breath or place any bets just yet. By now you may have heard about the game called “Cards Against Humanity” and you may have also heard that they pulled the card game product from their website and replaced it with a $6 package of poop during the Black Friday sale some weeks ago.

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masterfox1400d ago

this is some funny shit!

Speed-Racer1400d ago

I pooped my pants laughing when I read this

cyclindk1400d ago

I don't give two $hits about this article..

wannabe gamer1400d ago

u dunno whats crazier, the fact that 30,000 people bought this crap or the fact that they had 30,000 boxes of crap prepared to sell lol

Spiewie 1400d ago

That's ridiculous 30000 people bought it they make money for fun lol.

MK24ever1400d ago

The guy of the youtube video already has 1.000.000 + views, so if the video is monetized he sure did a good deal of it!

DougLord1400d ago

This is N4G. I was expecting this to be an anti-Xone article.

zerog1400d ago

This isn't n4g, its techspy but yeah a box of poop and an xbox are about the same thing lol.

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