Sony Warns Netflix to Buckle Down

This came to light because of the leakage of emails from Sony after their computers were hacked recently. The emails claim that Netflix’s leniency towards their overseas subscribers was “damaging its licensing revenue overseas”.

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saadd202036d ago

ye have been warned..thou shalt not use vpn!

Syko2034d ago

What about DNS level re-routing =D

You know, I mean if that's your thing.

s45gr322034d ago

Well, the only thing Netflix needs to do is provide their service overseas. Problem solved, for me personally is unfair if Ausies or pakistanians are forbidden to watch tv programming and movies. .....

plmkoh2034d ago

Never thought of it that way, but this is the true definition of 'piracy' where you hijack other people's property. In Australia some cable companies have exclusive rights to a few US shows because Netflix doesn't exist there. They pay millions to get these rights but people are now circumventing this exclusivity and going straight to Netflix in the US. Therefore Netflix is hijacking the revenue stream by condoning the regional restrictions.

mixelon2034d ago

Its weird though as I know a load of people who use things like Hola as a way to access US Netflix when they have a UK based Netflix account. There's just more (and different) choice in the US version. Not only that but we're paying more in the UK anyway.

It's like.. Sony (et al) are getting the money, just at a different time from a different market. It wouldn't work if you didn't pay for a netflix account, so it's.. Pretty weird really.

gunnerforlife2034d ago

Oops I should stop using hola then Lool yeah no that's not gonna happen! I pay £5.99 for UK version when the shows available are not even 50% of what USA has, give us more shows or make Netflix available worldwide and you won't have a problem.

wantedboys2033d ago

why i am not allowed yo use VPN to access these contents especially in not available in my country?

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