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Microsoft doesn’t care which boat you use, as long as your boat is in their ocean.

Microsoft's upcoming Windows 10 is set to be the most comprehensive platform ever as it will run across an incredibly broad range of devices and provide seamless interaction across the different devices types. In addition, it may also be the last ever big bang release of Windows, so there will have to be changes made in the way the software giant licences their flagship OS in order to make money.

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Windows Copilot gets its artificial tendrils deeper into the OS settings in a new beta update

And, for once, some of what it can do looks genuinely useful.

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Microsoft's Gaming Shake-up: 1900 Job Cuts, Senior Execs Exit Xbox and Blizzard

Microsoft is laying off more employees, a new round after they cut thousands last year. It seems like many big tech companies are doing the same.

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Apple's Bold Move to Train LLM on Trendsetting News

Amidst the AI frenzy of 2023, major players like Google, Microsoft, and Meta are in the spotlight, launching their own generative AI systems.

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