iPhone 6 Plus captures 41% of US "phablet" sales

On the market for just over a month of the three months ending with October 2014, the iPhone 6 Plus captured 41% of “phablet” sales—sales of smartphones with a screen size of 5.5 inches and larger. Phablet sales represented 10% of overall smartphone sales, up from 2% for the same period in 2013.

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Devil-X1412d ago

I am shocked why is it not popular outside US?

Speed-Racer1412d ago

Have you checked the unlocked price?

90Supra1411d ago

but i thought they said anything bigger than a 4inch screen was too big...

eferreira1410d ago

I didnt know opinions can change in 5 years. Grow up kid

Gondee1408d ago

Apple is not a person lol. The company gave the market what they demanded... You don't like companies responding to customers?

iliimaster1410d ago

i want one but i hate the ios design now .. i have a iphone 4 i upgraded to ios 7.1.2 and it looks childish bright neon colors flat app designs the progress bar when sending a text is horrible now the big ol green battry on the charge screen i love it, that was an iphone to me all t hose cool things now its got google chrome installs, etc i had to downgrade back to ios 5.1.1 with redsnow i couldn't take it

ArtificiallyYours1409d ago

And it has the worst pricetag unlocked. Congratulations.