EGMR | Cooler Master Octane Unboxing And Review: “But For The Price….”

EGMR : "I guess the title for this review is fitting as “But For The Price….” encapsulates the essence we feel towards these two products. I might be a “snob” and only think devices that command small fortunes are worthy of my time, but it eventually all comes down to whether the asking price justifies the product, and in this case I feel it does. Besides the obvious allusion to cars and transformers, the aesthetic is safely “aggressive”, if a little cliched–aka a safe design. The products do have some welcomed features for the price point but they do succumb to cutting some corners with build quality–especially the mouse–“But For The Price” you really are just getting a taste of some gaming features.

Devil-X3508d ago

Price isn't justified enough.

Pansyfaust3508d ago

Why would you say that? I'm not sure which currency denomination you currently use, but it is quite affordable in my country for both a gaming keyboard and mouse.


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