Xbox Japan CEO resigns in light of poor Xbox One sales in the country

Takashi Sensui has resigned his position as the head of Xbox Japan following abysmal sales by the Xbox One in the country.

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pressjudge2159d ago

Microsoft will never beat Sony in Japan, lol.

ChrisW2157d ago

Aside from Japan no longer being the "must conquer" to survive territory, Sony will not beat Microsoft in America...

Thus your point about MS in Japan becomes moot.

Kurylo3d2155d ago

isnt sony already beating ms in america? this generation.

ChrisW2154d ago

This generation so far?

Yes... Yes, they are. Narrowly... in comparison to the rest of the world.

However, it's only been one year since launch. I'm certain those "narrow" numbers will grow less and eventually surpass after this Holiday Season.

TechImperia2157d ago

it's not your fault CEO it's just sony is to hot to handle

ChrisW2157d ago

Japanese companies always change their CEO when something doesn't pan out quite right. It's not a bad idea, especially since it keeps things somewhat fresh. But the main reason behind it is rather pathetic - saving face.