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This iOS 9 concept video is full of great ideas Apple should seriously consider

When it comes to really good concepts and ideas for iOS' future development, Ralph Theodory is second to none. Brought to you by the man that "ported" the Apple Watch round springboard to iOS 8 before the device is even remotely close to shipping, this iOS 9 concept video explores some seriously cool ideas that we feel are very worthy of Apple's consideration. Some of them make so much sense that we can't help but think they must have been tossed on the table at Cupertino at least a couple of times before they were axed out of the operating system.

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Speed-Racer2515d ago

Meh concepts. They never become the real deal. I was so disappointed with what the Apple Watch really became after seeing those awesome renders from Gábor Balogh.

Devil-X2515d ago

Guess concepts have a new definition now - Anything which will never be a reality.

Guess will have to now wait and see when this gets updated in the oxford dictionary.

TechImperia2514d ago

agreed with you @speed racer

TechImperia2514d ago

or we can say concepts are like a wife who always obeys her husband
they both exists in theory only