Self-driving car may need a human touch on crazy roads

While hoping to make cars that are safer than those driven by people, Google has discovered its smart machines need to act a little human, especially when dealing with pushy motorists.

In 700,000 miles of navigating roads, Google’s self-driving cars have encountered just about everything — including an older woman in a motorized wheelchair flailing a broom at a duck she was chasing around the street.

Apparently perplexed and taking no chances, the vehicle stopped and refused to go farther.

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Dasteru2161d ago

They will need to work on that then. I don't want anyone touching anything on crazy roads. Most people in NA cannot move from one parking spot to another, 10 feet away without causing a 20 car pileup. 2 footers and brake jockies all over the place. All new cars should come with automated seats that slide the driver into the trunk and gas them during heavy traffic.

TechImperia2161d ago

as far as i am concern human touch is necessary