Republicans Vow To Take On Patent Trolls In Next Session

Republicans leaders in both the House and Senate are vowing to take up the issue of patent reform during the next session of Congress.

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Non_sequitur2170d ago

I hope for an explosion of new devices and software after this passes.

Gondee2170d ago

The last thing we need is more patrolling online. Trolling is another form of speech, and even if they are stupid, they need to be allowed to voice.

Non_sequitur2170d ago

Patent trolls are very different from forum trolls. Patent trolls are companies that buy lots of patents to sue as many inventors and innovators as possible to make money while doing nothing to contribute to the progress of technology.

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ChrisW2170d ago

This has got to be one of the few things that I wholeheartedly support the Republicans on.

I have thought for years that crap patents are crippling innovation. Especially when you consider how difficult it is to make a good video game because of all of these crap patents.