The Moon is not Real. It is an Alien Object with a Purpose

If the Moon was not exactly the size, mass and distance that it has been at each stage of the Earth's evolution ­ there would be no intelligent life here.

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mushroomwig2428d ago

"it is widely regarded as the strangest object in the known universe.

Lol what? It's a moon, there are far stranger objects in the universe.

Boyekaa2428d ago

that is the irony, it's just a moon still people know so less about the moon. The moon is there but no one can explain the reason why it is there. Why the moon is larger than a freaking planet, why moon is made of non planetry objects,. . . .Yeah, you are right. It's just a moon

Speed-Racer2427d ago

You do realize that all planets have their share of metal in its core. There's no definition as to what a moon (satellite) should be made up of since all planetary material supposedly came from the Big Bang. You should read this

hay2427d ago

NASA doesn't give us any answers for that, moon parameters and our physical model aren't really compatible. According to that, it couldn't be a natural satellite. They have found radioactive isotopes on the surface with decay time of around 10000 years, it's worth to mention that those isotopes do not form naturally.
Also NASA stated that Moon is probably hollow on the inside because when they landed on it, it rang with a bell-like resonance wobbling a bit in a manner suggesting mechanical stabilizers.
Below the surface it also contains incredibly large and dense layers of titanium.

This leads to numerous theories like making it a Death Star... Putting them aside, the aforementioned facts are obtainable from

@Speed-Racer: Can't reach the source now, but weren't non-noble metals created some 2-3 billion years after the big bang?

SilentNegotiator2427d ago (Edited 2427d ago )

WTF are "non planetry objects"?

mp12892427d ago

Its an excellent plot for a bad movie.

Gondee2426d ago

There is a solid theory...

Heres the simulation

Matt6662423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

you do realize the moon controls the tides right

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Speed-Racer2427d ago

Been watching too much sci-fi movies, have we?

Phoenix762427d ago (Edited 2427d ago )

More like smoking too much stuff!!! I wonder if the writer has ever visited the planet earth lol

Android2427d ago

I find it so fascinating the way students graduate in astrology or similar degrees, then tell us what they think is going on in space and we must take it as gospel. Like how far stars are, or what materials certain planets are comprised of. There's this consensus of belief that either we accept their observations as to be extremely factual or we're just too stupid to fathom. I doubt anybody actual knows what the f#@?/ is going on up there.

LeShin2427d ago

Well said. People are too quick to believe everything they are told because it comes from a 'reputable source'. Just remember, there was a time when everyone on the planet thought the Earth was flat!

cell9892427d ago

thank you!!! well said!!

what if all the numbers and calculations they come up with are entirely wrong, since its all based on a theory lol. The foundation of their source material from which they derive all their "factual data" like stones being billions of years old, or how the Universe is 15 billion years old. LOL we're stuck on Earth and everything that is talked about in regards to the universe is pure speculation and theory.

Science is still very far behind in regards to what we know about anything that is outside of Earths Atmosphere. I laugh at those discovery shows where they show artists impressions of outer planets and what life "might be like" lmao No one know what the fuck is really going on up there

What if stars are not as distant as we think they are? what if the Universe isnt that old to begin with? so many questions and not even the most educated most decorated scholar can answer those questions, for he too is bound to earth

sjaakiejj2426d ago

"since its all based on a theory lol."

I think you need to go back to your books and read up what a scientific theory is, because its definition breaks your entire argument.

LightofDarkness2426d ago (Edited 2426d ago )

Here's the thing: their theories (scientific theories, not the "it's just a theory" kind) are made of demonstrable bodies of work, comprised of research and experimentation, that they have poured countless hours into and had them reviewed by thousands of others of higher or similar acumen. This body of work has been built up over thousands of years, most recently using a process we call "science."

Now, you can choose to accept these people as the authority on the matter, who would have no good reason to hide things like this from you (and it would be impossible to on such a massive scale), or you can choose to believe someone who skimmed through some public domain documents/journals (NASA's in this case), cherry-picked information to fit a narrative (or simply didn't understand what they were reading, as is often the case), and has no professional or legally protected credentials to proclaim themselves an authority on the matter. This does not merely pertain to this case, it pertains to all similar cases (like nutritionists telling you your dietician/doctor is a liar).

Which sounds like the more reasonable choice to you?

360ICE2427d ago (Edited 2427d ago )

No sources on quotes, ditto the postulated facts, and the conclusions are drawn by someone with no credibility on the matter. Also, the language is atrocious, which never bodes well for a website.

How on earth did this pass quality control?

Lord_Sloth2427d ago

He didn't pass on Earth. He passed on the Moon.

360ICE2427d ago

Hehe. Earth passed on him, more like.

Devil-X2427d ago

I am scratching my head thinking the same. The language is just too atrocious to get a thumbs up here on techspy.

thorstein2427d ago

It's listed as myth on the contributing site.

Devil-X2427d ago

Nothing but a click bait.. And I see people are falling. Why was this even approved?

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